…………a lil’ bit about linen.

Typically people are divided when it comes to there “linens”.  Either you are a “cotton’ or a “linen”.  Who among us is both?  I know that I am!  I love them both equally for different reasons.  The same may be true for you as well.  However, if you are new to the idea of using linen for your bedding or tea

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…………….a lil’ bit about Egyptian cotton.

There is nothing like the feeling of crawling into bed and collapsing onto 100% Egyptian cotton sheets at the end of the day.  Smooth, refined and luxurious on the skin.  However, not all cottons are created equal and certainly not all cottons labeled Egyptian cotton are just all of that.  Labels can trick you into thinkin

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….a lil’ bit of “pattern mixing!”

“To mix or not to mix”, that is the question.  With the shift to “Maximalism” my eyeballs are getting a work out!   Patterns, colors, and “stuff”…….oh my!  I am a self-professed minimalist and I always will be.  However, I absolutely love, love, love, exquisite textiles.  Bold, bright, embroidered, printed,

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…………a lil’ bit of leg

A question I often ponder when dressing for a night on the town is, “Am I showing too much leg?”  (Keep in mind I am tall, leggy and well, a lil’ bit quite clumsy!)  Anyway, when putting your living room furnishings together, the same question can come up.  Is there too much leg?  How do you know if or when you need a

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……..a lil’ bit curious?

Are you a lil’ bit curious how interior designer’s live in their own home?  I know I am.  The moment I see “Interior Designer’s Share Their Homes” on the cover of one of my favorite design magazines, I don’t waste a minute.  I grab a fresh cup of coffee, find a comfy place to sit and get swept away in the fantasy of their

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…………a lil’ bit about window dressings.

Windows, they are so lovely aren’t they?  I especially love mine when they are clean!   Windows let in the warm sunshine, the gentle breeze and the mysterious night sky.  They protect us from the outside elements and allow us to pear out, even on the coldest of days, as if in a snow globe watching intently as the flak

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A lil’ bit of wool………….

I LOVE wool.  I love wool sweaters, jackets, socks, mittens and I especially LOVE wool carpets and rugs.  Have you tried wool?  If not, perhaps this is your time. Just a few bits about wool. Wool is a renewable resource. Anything that I can do to encourage others and to keep my carbon footprint small, I’m in. Did you know

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a lil’ bit of peace & joy….

…..Ahh!  Breathe.  Relax.  Escape from the outside chaos and enter into this calm, peaceful place that is your home.  What is the purpose of your home?  For me, it is to nurture, teach and protect our young children.  A place where we can come together, to relax, create and to be our authentic selves. 

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Helpful Bits To Help You Get Started

Now that you have been INSPIRED and INTRIGUED by color, I want to share some helpful bits with you to help you get started. Selecting paint swatches and holding them up to natural and artificial lighting works well to select color if you have a trained eye.  However, a tried and true way is to get 2 large pieces of cardboard and pai

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A little bit more about Color……………

With the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season behind me, I am invigorated and ready to make 2018 my best year yet!  As a creative, my thoughts are never far from “How can I change it up a bit?” So, let’s chat a bit more about Color.  This is the 2nd in my 3 part series on COLOR.  The first being COLOR INSPIRATION and no

A little bit more about Color……………2018-01-10T01:06:20-06:00
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