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……a lil’ bit about Holiday Décor.

Tis’ the season to decks the halls and trim the tree.  Does the idea of bringing in holiday décor give you a lil’ bit of home décor anxiety?  I know for myself that it really does!  My 6 and 8 year old have the idea that more is better and more is just MORE!  I am a minimalist even during the Holiday Season.  So,

……a lil’ bit about Holiday Décor.2018-12-05T10:30:46-06:00

…..a lil’ bit about personal space in the home.

Today I am sitting in my gorgeous kitchen and I can confidently say, “I have survived a complete kitchen remodel”.  Yes, I have gone to the “other side”.  The side of the client.  Not easy to do.  Nor to do it well. My home was uprooted.  We, my husband, two children and I, embarked on a complete kitchen remodel.

…..a lil’ bit about personal space in the home.2018-11-21T07:39:21-06:00

…….a lil’ bit about all of that “STUFF”!

Just recently, I had a very lively and fun conversation with a lovely woman whom I met randomly.  In our nearly one hour conversation, we covered a number of interior design topics that I am passionate as an interior designer.  The subject of “stuff” came up.  As in, “Do you bring a lot of stuff to your clients?”  “Fo

…….a lil’ bit about all of that “STUFF”!2018-09-20T14:47:11-06:00

…….a lil’ bit or a whole lot of white.

Do you love a lil’ bit or a whole lot of white in your interiors? From my experience, it seems one tends to be either or.   I’m on the side of “a whole lot of lovin’ of white on my walls.  We have been in our home for seven years and I have painted nearly every room Benjamin Moore’s White Dove OC-17 in flat finish.  T

…….a lil’ bit or a whole lot of white.2018-08-30T10:20:07-06:00

……..a lil’ bit about the inspiration behind my tea towels.

Textiles to me are the ultimate rush.  I know what you are thinking but hear me out.  My heart starts to palpitate faster and my hands can’t hold back from touching the luxurious velvets, intricately embroidered linens and the deliciousness of silk!  I can’t forget to mention all of the amazing colorways used together on t

……..a lil’ bit about the inspiration behind my tea towels.2018-07-13T07:35:34-06:00

………..a lil’ bit about area rugs.

A carefully selected area rug exudes a richness to a space that would otherwise feel incomplete.  Weather you choose to go with a stock piece or a custom design, the area rug commands the room!  So think of it in terms of theater.  The area rug is the lead and all of the other design elements in the room are the supporting

………..a lil’ bit about area rugs.2018-06-28T16:06:16-06:00

…………a lil’ bit about linen.

Typically people are divided when it comes to there “linens”.  Either you are a “cotton’ or a “linen”.  Who among us is both?  I know that I am!  I love them both equally for different reasons.  The same may be true for you as well.  However, if you are new to the idea of using linen for your bedding or tea

…………a lil’ bit about linen.2018-05-28T18:01:27-06:00

…………….a lil’ bit about Egyptian cotton.

There is nothing like the feeling of crawling into bed and collapsing onto 100% Egyptian cotton sheets at the end of the day.  Smooth, refined and luxurious on the skin.  However, not all cottons are created equal and certainly not all cottons labeled Egyptian cotton are just all of that.  Labels can trick you into thinkin

…………….a lil’ bit about Egyptian cotton.2018-05-17T12:41:34-06:00

….a lil’ bit of “pattern mixing!”

“To mix or not to mix”, that is the question.  With the shift to “Maximalism” my eyeballs are getting a work out!   Patterns, colors, and “stuff”…….oh my!  I am a self-professed minimalist and I always will be.  However, I absolutely love, love, love, exquisite textiles.  Bold, bright, embroidered, printed,

….a lil’ bit of “pattern mixing!”2018-05-01T17:39:31-06:00

…………a lil’ bit of leg

A question I often ponder when dressing for a night on the town is, “Am I showing too much leg?”  (Keep in mind I am tall, leggy and well, a lil’ bit quite clumsy!)  Anyway, when putting your living room furnishings together, the same question can come up.  Is there too much leg?  How do you know if or when you need a

…………a lil’ bit of leg2018-04-17T14:13:17-06:00
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