…A lil’ bit about outdoor living

As I sit on my backyard deck, my children splashing in their inflatable pool, I am reminded of how much joy comes from being outdoors.  The backyard has become our respite, our escape during covid-19 and the lock down.  We’ve developed a daily routine for dining alfresco as much as we possibly can.  When our 1,300 sf home

…A lil’ bit about outdoor living2020-06-10T19:57:02-06:00

…a lil’ bit about light!

In the past few months, I finished reading the book “JOYFUL” by Ingrid Fetell Lee.  I love this book.  Ingrid is clever and witty.  The knowledge she shares in her book, helped me to figure out my own LED light solution.  I know LED’s are good for the environment but I was really frustrated with how hard the lights in

…a lil’ bit about light!2020-05-20T11:54:16-06:00

…a lil’ bit about “small homes”

…….a lil’ bit about living in a “small home”. O.k. So, before it was even considered eco-friendly to choose to live in a small home, my husband and I were completely on board.  We love to eat out, experience the local art scene and travel-that is before Covid-19 reared its ugly head. So naturally we have a big budget for those items

…a lil’ bit about “small homes”2020-05-05T15:14:20-06:00

…….a lil’ bit about “Sprucing Up For Spring!”

I love Spring!  I am really enjoying Spring in Minnesota this year because we are actually experiencing it!  For the first time in many, many years which is a true blessing.  As we are “Sheltering in Place” we need all of the encouragement from nature that we can get! So, now that you have a lil’ bit of extra time, why not

…….a lil’ bit about “Sprucing Up For Spring!”2020-04-21T10:47:48-06:00

………a lil’ bit about coordinating with your interiors.

This is a novel idea.  I remember living in CT in my early 20’s and hearing how some of the residents dressed only in a way that coordinated with the interiors in their home.  I thought, as a young, woman that it would be far too restrictive to dress that way!  Roll the clock 20 years later…….and here I am!  Yours tru

………a lil’ bit about coordinating with your interiors.2020-04-14T09:57:05-06:00

…….a lil’ bit on 2020-2021 COLOR TRENDS.

Today, I tuned into COLOR HIVE.  COLOR HIVE is a UK study that brings to light color trends and how they come to be.  The 2020-2021 color trend focus is on the environment-Water scarcity, Transforming e-Waste(tech upgrades) and Designing for Death (memorials).  A term “Under the Dome” describes a new model for living-a pla

…….a lil’ bit on 2020-2021 COLOR TRENDS.2020-03-23T10:52:31-06:00

……a lil’ bit about “trends”

Are you a trend follower?  Impulsive to get the latest craze in your home décor?  Are you now feeling pressured to redecorate your mid-century modern home (that was a long-running trend!) and turn it into a “Maxed-Out” haven?  Fret not!  You can hang on to your beloved mid-century pieces and still have room to add a b

……a lil’ bit about “trends”2019-02-05T07:46:14-06:00

………a lil’ bit of inspiration.

Happy New Year!  I am so jazzed about 2019!  This past year, 2018, I did the hard work of addressing key roadblocks; personally and professionally that were holding me back.  I have read many books, logged pages in my journal and meditated on how I want to live my best life.  Feeling refreshed and whole once again, I

………a lil’ bit of inspiration.2019-01-08T09:26:58-06:00

……a lil’ bit about Holiday Décor.

Tis’ the season to decks the halls and trim the tree.  Does the idea of bringing in holiday décor give you a lil’ bit of home décor anxiety?  I know for myself that it really does!  My 6 and 8 year old have the idea that more is better and more is just MORE!  I am a minimalist even during the Holiday Season.  So,

……a lil’ bit about Holiday Décor.2018-12-05T10:30:46-06:00
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