I’ve shared in my previous blogs and on social media that I will always be a moderate minimalist.  Most, if not all, of my inspiration comes from the simplicity of the Japanese design aesthetic.  How do I keep my interiors interesting, from falling flat or washing out?  Texture, texture and more texture!  However, just like patterns, textures need to be balanced as well.  Rough-hewn, organic stone parallel a high-gloss cabinet makes for an incredibly fantastic combination.  Woven linen contrasted with smooth, white walls feels classic and complete.  Always use the 1/3 or 1/5 ratio to create a balanced harmony in scale.  There really is no need, in my opinion, to bring in endless patterns.  Unlike textures, patterns often times become dated.  If you’re hoping to create timeless, chic interiors, use textures in your materials.  The tactile quality will enliven your senses and adding a sense of connection to the touch.  If you are like me, your head is already full from the noise outside your door.  A quiet, peaceful interior not only feeds the senses but supports your soul.