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…a lil’ bit about WHITE.

Opposite of black is WHITE, another hue that I absolutely love. WHITE is clear, pure and cooperative. I love to use WHITE where the interior has gorgeous architectural details and it can stand alone without the distraction of color. The purer the WHITE, the more beautiful the colors near it will tint. Art is absolutely stunning on WHITE

…a lil’ bit about WHITE.2022-01-17T13:49:53-06:00

A lil bit about black…

BLACK is one color that I absolutely love. I most always dress in BLACK-it’s elegant and effortless. BLACK in the home can be a bit more tricky to use. If you use to much it feels morbid and if you use to little, your space may fell like it is floating away! Typically, BLACK used in moderation will ground your room creating a timeless, c

A lil bit about black…2021-06-17T10:02:44-06:00

…a lil’ bit about PURPLE.

Rare to be found in nature is the color PURPLE. The color of Royalty, PURPLE connotes luxury, wealth and stirs the imagination to fantasy. PURPLE is fabulous in powder rooms. It adds just enough feminine sophistication and luxe to a small space.

…a lil’ bit about PURPLE.2021-06-16T08:46:27-06:00

…a lil’ bit about YELLOW.

YELLOW can be intense and somewhat difficult on the eye, but it is really quite lovely when used in foyers, halls and laundry rooms. Rooms that you pass through quickly receive YELLOW well. YELLOW enhances concentration, hence the use on legal pads. Rooms painted in YELLOW have been known to make babies cry and people to lose their tempe

…a lil’ bit about YELLOW.2021-06-09T10:09:50-06:00

…a lil’ bit about PINK.

…and then there is PINK. Probably the most underrated color because of its gender association but a great one at best. PINK lifts one’s spirit, flatters the skin tone and can spark romance. We all look a bit more attractive in a PINK surround! PINK has been used in opposing locker rooms many times as it has been known to drain the opposi

…a lil’ bit about PINK.2021-05-10T15:04:59-06:00

…a lil’ bit about BLUE.

BLUE is the single most popular of all colors.  BLUE has proven to be calming, peaceful and symbolic of loyalty.  The body, when in a BLUE space, actually produces calming chemicals.  These chemicals  encourage creativity and expression thus increasing productivity.  All of these reasons make BLUE an excellent ch

…a lil’ bit about BLUE.2021-02-23T12:57:11-06:00

…a lil’ bit about RED.

RED is powerful, intense and exciting. Makes one wonder where exactly is the best way to use such a bold color. Have you considered using RED in your dining room? RED is known to increase the heart rate, to encourage lively conversation and to stimulate the appetite. It is no wonder why RED is used time and time again in restaurants and

…a lil’ bit about RED.2021-02-02T14:53:09-06:00

……a lil’ bit about texture.

I’ve shared in my previous blogs and on social media that I will always be a moderate minimalist.  Most, if not all, of my inspiration comes from the simplicity of the Japanese design aesthetic.  How do I keep my interiors interesting, from falling flat or washing out?  Texture, texture and more texture!  However, jus

……a lil’ bit about texture.2021-02-02T14:53:04-06:00


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