Drawing grounds me.  It allows me to enter into my ‘Secret Garden’; my happy place.  When I enter into my studio, I light candles, burn incense and pick my favorite music mood; sometimes all I need is a little Barry Manilow to ‘get lost in the feeling’…….yes, I am a ‘fanilow’.  During the past two years I’ve reacquainted myself with my quieter side.  The introvert whose soul is fed by drawing with a pencil on a pad. I always begin with a small drawing, master the repeat, work within the scale, select colors and then I send it out for production.  I’ve chosen to collaborate with Studio Bagru.  They are masters in their craft.  They start with natural fibers, dye it the specified color and then hand block print the designs on the linens.  Each piece is done by using skilled artisans that have learnt this art throughout generations.  Can’t wait to share my first limited collection with you.  Find it here, March 20th, First Day of Spring!