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Interiors That Tell Your Story

Listening with intention and asking relevant questions is my key to designing interiors that reflect who you are and tells your story. That “aha” moment when the final touches are laid in; the shoulders relax, perhaps a soft sigh. We got it right! That is my gratifying moment!

Together we design your “Secret Garden”, “Your Sanctuary”; your home that makes you feel good and protects you from the outside world. We use modern with antiquities, luxurious with a touch of practical and when we can, the clients own pieces.

Tailored Decor & Bits offers the following interior design services:

Design Schemes
Room Plans
Color Consultations & Paint Selections
Wallpaper Selections
Window Treatment Designs
Furniture Selections
Flooring Selections
Lighting Selections

Color Crush

Colour Package

Color is so powerful. It evokes so much emotion and mood. Color is psychological. Ever wonder why red is so often used in restaurant dining rooms and encouraged to be used in yours?

Room Renew

Room Package

A place that welcomes and protects you from the chaos of the outside world. A room that reflects you and tells your story. A place that no one—not even myself—can tell you that it is “all wrong!”

Window Wishes

Window Package

I am a fabric aficionado. A room is not complete until the windows are properly dressed. Dressing a window is much like creating a couture gown. The perfectly placed hem, the pleats …

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