Window Wishes

Window Dressing Package

I am a fabric aficionado. A room is not complete until the windows are properly dressed. Dressing a window is much like creating a couture gown. The perfectly placed hem, the pleats that create the soft drape and the “behind the scenes” fullness that is created from the interlining that is so crucial in creating the beauty and glamour of the dressed window. Your room comes alive with floor to ceiling panels in rich velvets, silky damasks….oh the list goes on and on!

Let us not forget to mention the essential practical side to the window dressing. They absorb sound, diffuse and block out light, add privacy and act as an effective room insulator in cold and hot temperatures.

What are you waiting for? Let’s dress those windows today!


What You Will Receive

design Consultation: 3 Hour
  • Measure with suggestions on how to treat your windows.
  • View visuals of finished designs to help distinguish your style.
  • Present 3 hand-drawn, finished window dressing styles with luxurious fabric/lining and accurate estimates.

$700.00 per room