I LOVE wool.  I love wool sweaters, jackets, socks, mittens and I especially LOVE wool carpets and rugs.  Have you tried wool?  If not, perhaps this is your time.

Just a few bits about wool.

  1. Wool is a renewable resource. Anything that I can do to encourage others and to keep my carbon footprint small, I’m in.
  2. Did you know that wool fibers are self-extinguishing which makes them inherently flame retardant? Nature never ceases to amaze me!
  3. In its natural state, wool has a “crimp in its fiber” allowing it to “bounce back” when crushed. So, go ahead and rest furniture on your wool. The “crush”, with a lil’ bit of finessing, will bounce back!
  4. Wool is naturally soil and stain resistant. Liquid spills will bead and sit on top of the fibers allowing you a few extra moments to grab a towel and blot it up before it soaks down into the fibers.
  5. Wool when dyed, takes on color in a natural, unforced, way. The hue is vibrant without looking synthetic.
  6. Wearing gracefully, a lovely patina adds beauty to wool carpets and rugs.
  7. Wool will not dry out your skin when walking on it in your bare feet. The natural oil will enhance your skins moisture. 
  8. Wool carpet adds value to your home adding a lovely compliment to your style and the comfort of your home.

***Information accrued from my 25+ years of experience as an interior designer through lectures I have attended, articles I have read and my own personal experience.