Color Crush

Color Package

Color is so powerful. It evokes so much emotion and mood. Color is psychological.

Ever wonder why red is so often used in restaurant dining rooms and encouraged to be used in yours? How many times have you seen blue for bedrooms? Thinking of using white all over? Be careful the wrong white can make your whole room look dirty.

Together we’ll choose the colors that best represent you and the vibe you want in your space.

What You Will Receive

  • Personalized, cohesive color scheme using Benjamin More and/or Farrow & Ball paint selections for your walls and ceilings (5 rooms max).
  • One-on-one consultations (a total of 2 hours) with Rosanne either in your space for those of you within the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area or via ZOOM for those of you outside of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Travel fee will be applied for those who wish to work with me outside of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.