………a lil’ bit about coordinating with your interiors.

This is a novel idea.  I remember living in CT in my early 20’s and hearing how some of the residents dressed only in a way that coordinated with the interiors in their home.  I thought, as a young, woman that it would be far too restrictive to dress that way!  Roll the clock 20 years later…….and here I am!  Yours tru

………a lil’ bit about coordinating with your interiors.2020-04-14T09:57:05-06:00

…….a lil’ bit on 2020-2021 COLOR TRENDS.

Today, I tuned into COLOR HIVE.  COLOR HIVE is a UK study that brings to light color trends and how they come to be.  The 2020-2021 color trend focus is on the environment-Water scarcity, Transforming e-Waste(tech upgrades) and Designing for Death (memorials).  A term “Under the Dome” describes a new model for living-a pla

…….a lil’ bit on 2020-2021 COLOR TRENDS.2020-03-23T10:52:31-06:00

……a lil’ bit about “trends”

Are you a trend follower?  Impulsive to get the latest craze in your home décor?  Are you now feeling pressured to redecorate your mid-century modern home (that was a long-running trend!) and turn it into a “Maxed-Out” haven?  Fret not!  You can hang on to your beloved mid-century pieces and still have room to add a b

……a lil’ bit about “trends”2019-02-05T07:46:14-06:00

………a lil’ bit of inspiration.

Happy New Year!  I am so jazzed about 2019!  This past year, 2018, I did the hard work of addressing key roadblocks; personally and professionally that were holding me back.  I have read many books, logged pages in my journal and meditated on how I want to live my best life.  Feeling refreshed and whole once again, I

………a lil’ bit of inspiration.2019-01-08T09:26:58-06:00

……a lil’ bit about Holiday Décor.

Tis’ the season to decks the halls and trim the tree.  Does the idea of bringing in holiday décor give you a lil’ bit of home décor anxiety?  I know for myself that it really does!  My 6 and 8 year old have the idea that more is better and more is just MORE!  I am a minimalist even during the Holiday Season.  So,

……a lil’ bit about Holiday Décor.2018-12-05T10:30:46-06:00

…..a lil’ bit about personal space in the home.

Today I am sitting in my gorgeous kitchen and I can confidently say, “I have survived a complete kitchen remodel”.  Yes, I have gone to the “other side”.  The side of the client.  Not easy to do.  Nor to do it well. My home was uprooted.  We, my husband, two children and I, embarked on a complete kitchen remodel.

…..a lil’ bit about personal space in the home.2018-11-21T07:39:21-06:00

…….a lil’ bit about all of that “STUFF”!

Just recently, I had a very lively and fun conversation with a lovely woman whom I met randomly.  In our nearly one hour conversation, we covered a number of interior design topics that I am passionate as an interior designer.  The subject of “stuff” came up.  As in, “Do you bring a lot of stuff to your clients?”  “Fo

…….a lil’ bit about all of that “STUFF”!2018-09-20T14:47:11-06:00

…….a lil’ bit or a whole lot of white.

Do you love a lil’ bit or a whole lot of white in your interiors? From my experience, it seems one tends to be either or.   I’m on the side of “a whole lot of lovin’ of white on my walls.  We have been in our home for seven years and I have painted nearly every room Benjamin Moore’s White Dove OC-17 in flat finish.  T

…….a lil’ bit or a whole lot of white.2018-08-30T10:20:07-06:00

……..a lil’ bit about the inspiration behind my tea towels.

Textiles to me are the ultimate rush.  I know what you are thinking but hear me out.  My heart starts to palpitate faster and my hands can’t hold back from touching the luxurious velvets, intricately embroidered linens and the deliciousness of silk!  I can’t forget to mention all of the amazing colorways used together on t

……..a lil’ bit about the inspiration behind my tea towels.2018-07-13T07:35:34-06:00


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