…a lil’ bit about PINK.

…and then there is PINK. Probably the most underrated color because of its gender association but a great one at best. PINK lifts one’s spirit, flatters the skin tone and can spark romance. We all look a bit more attractive in a PINK surround! PINK has been used in opposing locker rooms many times as it has been known to drain the opposi

…a lil’ bit about PINK.2021-05-10T15:04:59-06:00

…a lil’ bit about BLUE.

BLUE is the single most popular of all colors.  BLUE has proven to be calming, peaceful and symbolic of loyalty.  The body, when in a BLUE space, actually produces calming chemicals.  These chemicals  encourage creativity and expression thus increasing productivity.  All of these reasons make BLUE an excellent ch

…a lil’ bit about BLUE.2021-02-23T12:57:11-06:00

…a lil’ bit about RED.

RED is powerful, intense and exciting. Makes one wonder where exactly is the best way to use such a bold color. Have you considered using RED in your dining room? RED is known to increase the heart rate, to encourage lively conversation and to stimulate the appetite. It is no wonder why RED is used time and time again in restaurants and

…a lil’ bit about RED.2021-02-02T14:53:09-06:00

……a lil’ bit about texture.

I’ve shared in my previous blogs and on social media that I will always be a moderate minimalist.  Most, if not all, of my inspiration comes from the simplicity of the Japanese design aesthetic.  How do I keep my interiors interesting, from falling flat or washing out?  Texture, texture and more texture!  However, jus

……a lil’ bit about texture.2021-02-02T14:53:04-06:00

…A lil’ bit about outdoor living

As I sit on my backyard deck, my children splashing in their inflatable pool, I am reminded of how much joy comes from being outdoors.  The backyard has become our respite, our escape during covid-19 and the lock down.  We’ve developed a daily routine for dining alfresco as much as we possibly can.  When our 1,300 sf home

…A lil’ bit about outdoor living2020-06-10T19:57:02-06:00

…a lil’ bit about light!

In the past few months, I finished reading the book “JOYFUL” by Ingrid Fetell Lee.  I love this book.  Ingrid is clever and witty.  The knowledge she shares in her book, helped me to figure out my own LED light solution.  I know LED’s are good for the environment but I was really frustrated with how hard the lights in

…a lil’ bit about light!2020-05-20T11:54:16-06:00

…a lil’ bit about “small homes”

…….a lil’ bit about living in a “small home”. O.k. So, before it was even considered eco-friendly to choose to live in a small home, my husband and I were completely on board.  We love to eat out, experience the local art scene and travel-that is before Covid-19 reared its ugly head. So naturally we have a big budget for those items

…a lil’ bit about “small homes”2020-05-05T15:14:20-06:00

…….a lil’ bit about “Sprucing Up For Spring!”

I love Spring!  I am really enjoying Spring in Minnesota this year because we are actually experiencing it!  For the first time in many, many years which is a true blessing.  As we are “Sheltering in Place” we need all of the encouragement from nature that we can get! So, now that you have a lil’ bit of extra time, why not

…….a lil’ bit about “Sprucing Up For Spring!”2020-04-21T10:47:48-06:00


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