Today, I tuned into COLOR HIVE.  COLOR HIVE is a UK study that brings to light color trends and how they come to be.  The 2020-2021 color trend focus is on the environment-Water scarcity, Transforming e-Waste(tech upgrades) and Designing for Death (memorials).  A term “Under the Dome” describes a new model for living-a place where you can do it all under one dome; literally.  Exclusivity versus Inclusivity and a conscious effort to “Rethink Ugly”.  There are 4 pieces to the forecast-SCUFF, RITUAL, DOME and GORGE.  I’ll break the 4 modalities down for you here.



SCUFF is reflective of colors in found objects.  It is unpretentious with an aura of accidental and imperfect beauty.  SCUFF is repurposed and sustainable.  Stone and concrete, structured and textured textiles give this trend a course, brutalist feel.

Colors found in this palette as such as Hopsack, Buff, Oatmeal, Geranium.



RITUAL is reflective of colors that give us personal meaning.  Spiritual is RITUAL.  Think; 4-Elements-Fire, Water, Earth and Air.  The Japanese do charred so well.  Charred is RITUAL.

Colors found in this palette are such as Juniper, Coal, Pine, Green Tea, White Sage, Blue Calcite and Atlantic.



DOME projects the future.  Think utopian, luxurious, controlled and protected.

Colors that are symbolic of protection are Camel, Hide, Tan, Brick Red, Cherry Wood.



GORGE is creative, theatrical, rare, decadent, disruptive and oh so exclusive.  Velvet is GORGE.

Colors that reflect gorge are Rice Pudding, Pineapple, Avocado, Indigo, Macaroon, Cherry Pink, Marigold.