A question I often ponder when dressing for a night on the town is, “Am I showing too much leg?”  (Keep in mind I am tall, leggy and well, a lil’ bit quite clumsy!)  Anyway, when putting your living room furnishings together, the same question can come up.  Is there too much leg?  How do you know if or when you need a skirted sofa, a chair with a wrapped base or a drum cocktail table in the room?  If your room feels a lil’ bit leggy, like you are looking at a tropical island with huts on stilts but in reality it is your living room?   It is time for you to do some editing. 

I love to use the rule of 3rd’s, in nearly everything interior design related.  Unless of course, I am going for a strictly symmetrical look.  So, if you have 1/3 of the pieces in the room with a skirt or without legs then the other 2/3rd’s should have legs.  You can play with the ratios using 2/3rd’s with legs to 1/3rd’ with skirts or without legs, as well.   I recommend changing up the leg styles for interest but using the same skirt style on multiple pieces to give your room a cohesive, polished look.  Your interior will feel grounded with a light vibe.  Achieved from knowing the right amount of leg to show!