Happy New Year!  I am so jazzed about 2019! 

This past year, 2018, I did the hard work of addressing key roadblocks; personally and professionally that were holding me back.  I have read many books, logged pages in my journal and meditated on how I want to live my best life.  Feeling refreshed and whole once again, I am ready to embark on new adventures.  It is incredible how life opens up when we address “our own baggage”.   So grateful for all of the love and support that I have received along the way. 

Always the dreamer and eternal optimist, I am excited for the adventures that await me in 2019.  I have my “bags packed” and I am ready to go!  Hoping I can look as chic and effortless as Audrey does in this image.  One needs to set the bar high.  Agree?