Are you a trend follower?  Impulsive to get the latest craze in your home décor?  Are you now feeling pressured to redecorate your mid-century modern home (that was a long-running trend!) and turn it into a “Maxed-Out” haven? 

Fret not!  You can hang on to your beloved mid-century pieces and still have room to add a bit of the “Max” trend.  I find it incredibly fascinating in how the state of the world influences our buying trends.  During somewhat stable periods in the “Western World” the mid-century pieces became highly sought after.  Clean, sleek utilitarian in design, they supported clear, light energy that was most typical of the average consumer.  Heavy furnishings and busy patterns were not on the minds of most consumers.  When things became a lil’ bit shaky and unstable, the psychie tends to gravitate toward somewhat over-styled designs and over-patterned patterns!  We want to cocoon and hide our anxieties behind all of that “stuff”!  Does it really help or is it only an illusion?

I am a huge fan of Marie Kondo and I love that she now is available to the masses through Netflix.  I strongly suggest to all of my clients to start incorporating her practice of clearing out and only keeping and buying what speaks most to who you are.   Prior to starting a design phase, it is so important to have a solid foundation.  Marie says, (and I am paraphrasing here) “That when the home is purged and your left with only the items that bring you joy, your life will open up to new possibility and Spark Joy”.  I know it did for me.  I continue to do a lil’ Kon Mari every change of season to keep our home fresh and free of clutter. 

Ok. So, how are you going to bring in a lil’ bit of the “Max” trend into your home décor?  What I suggest you do is to start small.  Pattern and color, if you’re not used to using it, can be a lil’ bit overwhelming at first.  Start by changing out your solid cushions for a lovely, smaller scale pattern or a solid, textured area rug with a large scale and colorful floral motif.  Wallpaper is absolutely divine in powder rooms where the space is typically small and not used to often.  Pick something less typical and have fun with it!    What I really adore is placing chandeliers in unexpected areas…..think a nook off the kitchen or a back hallway or maybe it’s your master closet?  They add a lil’ bit of panache’ to an otherwise ho-hum area.  Perhaps, you could have your art pieces ornately framed to add volume to your decor.  These are just a few ideas.  Remember the fun is in the journey.  You can always go back to what you had so don’t take it too seriously!  Like all things in life, “This too shall pass”.