Textiles to me are the ultimate rush.  I know what you are thinking but hear me out.  My heart starts to palpitate faster and my hands can’t hold back from touching the luxurious velvets, intricately embroidered linens and the deliciousness of silk!  I can’t forget to mention all of the amazing colorways used together on textiles that we are often times are too shy to do.  Textiles give us the freedom to get a “lil bit crazy’ with our décor and to throw in a bit of the unexpected.

Many, many years ago I had the unique opportunity to intern as an apprentice for a start-up textile company over on the east coast.  As a fresh-faced, naïve young woman from the Midwest, I jumped on that plane very excited to go out and “see the world!”  My boss was in the process of putting together a French provincial textile line with her then fiancé.  Together, the two of them would travel over to France and bring back bits of inspiration…..rubbings, napkins a corner of a delicate paper that caught there eye.  It was a fascinating experience.  Often times the best designs were orchestrated right on the kitchen table.  I fell in love with the process and told myself that one day I would have my very own textile line.  Mine would be a bit more meaningful then just patterns, it would be something that fed the soul as well the eye.

Where would my inspiration come from?  My very first international adventure took me to Israel.  Israel is a fascinating place in so many ways rich in history and antiquity.  The time I spent there changed me.   I felt such a strong connection to history and all of those who came before me.  Life is so much bigger then the here and now.  I was inspired.  Like my former boss I gathered bits of rubbings, napkins…..whatever spoke to my heart.  Nearly 20 years have passed since I took that trip.  Over the years I have reworked, refined, played with color and not so much color.   The results?  Soulful, elegant designs with an earthy palette and just a bit of gold.

So, here they are!  My first collection of tea towels.  They are 100% unbleached linen, hand painted and embroidered by me.  Each piece has that lovely “hand worked” quality, meaning no two are the exactly alike.