I love Spring!  I am really enjoying Spring in Minnesota this year because we are actually experiencing it!  For the first time in many, many years which is a true blessing.  As we are “Sheltering in Place” we need all of the encouragement from nature that we can get!

So, now that you have a lil’ bit of extra time, why not do a lil’ bit of “Sprucing Up!”  Your home needs to support you practically, spiritually and emotionally.  Below are some big “game changers” that work for me.  Try them and let me know if they work for you!

  • Firstly, change out the art on your walls.  Mix up original paintings with photographs and sculptural pieces.  I love doing this.  Your story really starts to come alive.
  • Secondly, hang a mobile!  My son is crazy about origami.  He made me a crane mobile around Christmas time this past year.  We hung it together in the kitchen.  I thought my hair would get stuck in it while moving about when I’m cooking but not so.  Having the mobile next to me in that space reminds me of his creativity and fun-loving energy!
  • Thirdly, change out the portiers  in your open doorways and closets.  I love portiers.  Perhaps because I love fabrics!  I had a heavy linen portier in the front closet and changed it out to a woven Designer’s Guild piece.  The transparency is perfect for Spring.
  • Lastly, change out the pillows on your upholstered pieces.  Immediate joy!

Have fun!