In the past few months, I finished reading the book “JOYFUL” by Ingrid Fetell Lee.  I love this book.  Ingrid is clever and witty.  The knowledge she shares in her book, helped me to figure out my own LED light solution.  I know LED’s are good for the environment but I was really frustrated with how hard the lights in our home were.  Every time I looked in my bathroom mirror I found myself saying-“Yikes, What just happened to the color in my skin?”

Ingrid shares a little bit of knowledge with her readers regarding the LED bulb.  She recommends choosing an LED CRI 100 bulb (closest to 100 as possible).  The CRI is the Color Rating Index.  I am beyond elated to know this!  I have since changed out our bulbs in our bedrooms, bathrooms and lamps.  What a difference it makes.  The light is soft and natural.  Goodbye to harsh and static. 

Having the correct lighting in the home is more important now than ever with most of us all working from home.  Lighting makes all of the difference!

I’m letting you and all of my clients in on this lil’ secret!

Love & Light-