There is nothing like the feeling of crawling into bed and collapsing onto 100% Egyptian cotton sheets at the end of the day.  Smooth, refined and luxurious on the skin. 

However, not all cottons are created equal and certainly not all cottons labeled Egyptian cotton are just all of that.  Labels can trick you into thinking that you are getting 100 percent Egyptian cotton when you unfortunately are not.  I put together some bits to help you make an informed decision when purchasing linens or towels for your home.

  1. First and foremost, the label must clearly state 100% Egyptian cotton. If it reads Egyptian cotton but does not clearly state the percentage of Egyptian cotton, you can be sure that it isn’t 100 percent.  Most likely what you have is a domestic cotton with a very small percentage of Egyptian cotton woven into it.  
  2. Why am I a loyal fan of Egyptian cotton? Egyptian cotton has long fibers which create a smooth, refined hand that allows your beautiful linens to have a long life.  Presuming you care for them properly. Domestic cotton has a short fiber which over time creates unsightly pilling which we all have come to know and NOT love.
  3. Egyptian cotton that is 100%, dyes beautifully and absorbs well.
  4. Does thread count matter? Yes, of course it matters!  However, a high thread count sheet may not be for you.  Did you know the higher the thread count, the warmer the sheet?  Hot summer days call for lower thread count sheets.  Personally, I love Percale cotton, 250-300 TC for summer.  The cool, crispness of the sheet on my skin is so refreshing!  On cold winter nights 1000-1500 TC are a must for me.  They help keep me warm.  
  5. As I mentioned earlier your linens and towels will last if you care for them properly. When washing your linens, wash your sheets separate from your towels.  NEVER EVER use fabric softeners (they coat the fibers and over time your towels become less absorbent and stiff!)  When drying your linens, dry on a delicate cycle and line dry them for the final duration.  The heat can often times be too harsh.  Gentle loving care will keep them around for a lifetime!



**Information gathered from my 3 ½ years selling luxurious European linens.

**Photography by Tailored Décor & Bits