This is a novel idea.  I remember living in CT in my early 20’s and hearing how some of the residents dressed only in a way that coordinated with the interiors in their home.  I thought, as a young, woman that it would be far too restrictive to dress that way!  Roll the clock 20 years later…….and here I am!  Yours truly-doing that very same thing!  My home is a palette of soft white, cream, taupe and camel with pops of color.  I am a Pisces and so are my 2 children.  My husband is Scorpio.  We love the water.  Our accent colors are the colors of the ocean; the sea.  Notes of blue, chartreuse and lavender dance about the spaces.  When I shop today, I am drawn to that very same palette.  I find that the cream and taupe hues are kinder to my mature skin tone.  Here are a couple of images of me in a typical outfit that looks chic and edited to compliment my décor.

Curious.  Do you dress to coordinate with your interiors?