Just recently, I had a very lively and fun conversation with a lovely woman whom I met randomly.  In our nearly one hour conversation, we covered a number of interior design topics that I am passionate as an interior designer.  The subject of “stuff” came up.  As in, “Do you bring a lot of stuff to your clients?”  “For instance, do you do as some of the interior designers that I witness on the HGTV shows and outfit the whole house? …..bringing in “stuff” from the local shops and flea markets?  What is your process?  Here is where I paused.  I have always been very aware of the amount of “stuff in my space”.  I attribute this to my late mother who was an expert in this area.  She only had what she used and needed in our home.  We didn’t have extra space for extra stuff because along with me,  my parents and my 6 brothers and 3 sisters we all lived together in our very tidy 3-bedroom home! 

Even to this day, I choose to live with less.  I prefer a small car, Fiat 500, over a SUV, a “small but just right”, 1350 SF mid-century modern home and a very tiny ward robe (I like to apply the French way of editing one’s ward robe).  I only bring into our home what I love and need.  I am teaching our young children to do the same.  Each year at Christmas we check in with their toys and they decide which ones they have outgrown and are ready to part with.  Once a year, I do a quick run through of our home from kitchen cupboards to clothes closet and purge what is no longer relevant to our lifestyle…..or is simply not my jam!

So, in answer to that question “What is your process?”  I tell my clients to take their time.  Don’t be in a hurry to fill up your home.  Bring in pieces that have sentimental value, pieces from your travels, art that you love……  In this fashion, your home will come together at the pace that works with you and your story will gracefully unfold.